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Birthdate:Jun 27, 1949
Location:San DIego, California, United States of America
Website:Be The Change
Over time, I have drifted closer to and farther from an "Average American." I was even a Registered Republican when I was young.

The only constant in my 60+ years is this. I do not believe in the existence of a creator god. No, not even that one. I am bothered by the social assumption that there is one as implied in the question "Do you believe in god?"

As I've gotten older and clearer in my thinking, religion is not the only target of my disbelief. I actively look for those things I have taken as Truth when they are, in fact, merely personal or communal superstition.

Some people think it is tragic to view one's life as empty and meaningless. I, on the other hand, think there is nothing better. Some people are sure that there are right things and wrong things and good things and bad things. I think there are just things. Some things work for me and some things don't.

Moralists on the left and moralists on the right have this in common: They believe they know what I should believe and they act to curtail my actions based on an arbitrary model of good and evil. I have no listening for moralists of any stripe.

Do not assume I am a member of your granfalloon.
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