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Thursday, July 10th, 2014 08:30 am
I subscribed to the White House mailing list primarily because I wanted the weekly radio message and I don't think it is carried by any local radio station. The mailing list failed me for that purpose, but I've been reading it anyway.

I read it because I'm trying to figure out just why I feel like I've been slimed by the end of it. It is the language used and the sentence structure. It seems to be calculated to create a particular emotional response. Each email drips with sincerity. And regardless of topic has no real data. If it is about the state of the economy or jobs or health care, there are a few carefully chosen statistics of relatively low meaning surrounded by patronizing sympathy or nearly incoherent bombast.

The blather coming from both parties is not intended to educate the public about important issues of the day. Rather, the intent is to create an emotional responses such that the electorate can be easily controlled or, at least, easily distracted.

As much as I think the President is a very good politician, I also think he is a complete liar. Still. Even though I can't trust the Demarcates to protect the principles of American Freedom, it is abundantly clear what the Republicans would do if they were once again in charge of the Federal Government.

I think most of the Founding Fathers would call for a new revolution. I suspect, if they could have seen the future, the constitution would not have allowed a two-party system. There is something to be said for proportional representation.